Cover version of Keane (Try Again)

Attention all Keane fans!!!

As some of you know my entire family are huge Keane fans. We recently attended their awesome concert in Toronto at The Sound Academy (May 2009). While there I met my new friend and fellow producer Nebulae ( He’s since produced the new remix of The Light.
The latest effort is a cover of Keane’s “Try Again”. We co-produced for the first time and discovered this amazing new singer that calls herself JeLo-C. We had fun with this and look forward to working together again on original songs.

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  1. hey are you a guy or a what … I thought … Pedro was a guy’s name …. but this cover is good … heads up … I knw a bit about music and when I say this is nice and publishable .. it is … great going … !!!


  2. Thanks AviD,

    It’s a singer I discovered that calls herself JeLo-C. I hope to record more tracks with her in the future. Cheers, Pedro

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