“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” on Weed Country @Discovery

Very excited to share my first official solo placement on tonight’s debut episode of “Weed Country” on the Discovery channel US. Listen for a rendition of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”. See if you can recognize my voice 😉 Airs 10PM ET Wednesday February 20th, 2013.

S01E01 Welcome to the Garden

It’s been an incredible year and a half of learning about the film and television music industry. Much more yet to learn 🙂

9 thoughts on ““God’s Gonna Cut You Down” on Weed Country @Discovery

    • Thanks! Hoping Discovery releases it at some point. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to follow on Facebook or Twitter. Cheers!

  1. Great cover man. Took me a half an hour to track it to you and listening to 5 different versions. Put it on the web site. I’d love to hear it again.

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